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Apply Now For Biggboss Tamil – Online Application Form: Bigg Boss Tamil Audition Online Form is Open for Public, yes you heard it right, even you can get into Bigg Boss Tamil House in Upcoming Season 6.  The Tamil language adaptation of the popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss is known as Bigg Boss. The show is based on the Big Brother formula created by the Dutch company Endemol. Over the course of five years, Star Vijay and Disney+ Hotstar have aired five seasons of Bigg Boss, all of which Kamal Haasan has hosted.

Its easy now to apply to Bigg Boss tamil Auditions Online, Just Follow Below Steps:

  1. Enter Your Name
  2. Age Should Be Above 18 Years
  3. Fill Your Gender
  4. Address (present)
  5. Phone Number (Double Check, You will get Call From Bigg Boss Selection Team)
  6. Emergency Contact Number (Any One Close Relative or Friend)
  7. Enter your email Email Id
  8. Upload Video Reason to Be in Bigg Boss Tamil S6
  9. And Click Submit

Reality programme Bigg Boss Tamil was adapted from the Dutch version of Big Brother created by John de Mol Jr. Bigg Boss Tamil, as contrast to the original Big Brother, includes both famous and ordinary people as participants. The candidates (“housemates”) are quarantined in a house and have no contact with the outside world. Each week, one housemate is “evicted” (removed from the house) based on the results of anonymous internal vote by the housemates and external voting by television audiences. The show’s winner is decided by a vote cast by the remaining four housemates in the final week. The titular Bigg Boss persona serves as a ubiquitous authoritative figure and symbolises the show’s creators. He often engages the roommates in conversation, issuing tasks and probing them with questions.


The residence features facilities including a lawn, pool, activity space and gym. There are four restrooms, a smoking room, a storage room, a living room, a kitchen, a smoking room, and a prison.

A novel feature, the confession room is where the housemates and Bigg Boss have confidential chats. Clocks, telephones, the internet, and televisions are all banned within the home. The Smoking Room moved inside during Season 2, while the Restroom and Jail were moved outdoors. There was a restroom in the room so the girls could use it if they needed to. For those who didn’t want to use the Smoking Room, the New Place was made available for general chitchat amongst the competitors. In Season 3, the Smoking Room was placed back outside, near the swimming pool.

There are no electronics in the House, not even a clock or a pen and paper.

In a shared living situation, residents are subject to a number of regulations. Some of these rules include a requirement that contestants speak Tamil, a prohibition on altering any property in the house, a prohibition on leaving the premises without permission, a prohibition on discussing the nomination process, a prohibition on sleeping during the day, and a prohibition on any form of violence against other housemates. Do not write on paper or written format. Spectators are not given access to all of the regulations.


Daily episodes showcase the key happenings of the previous day while weekend programmes focus on discussion of the main concerns of the week and interviews with ousted participants. The eliminated candidate is revealed on the Sunday show.


Housemates put forward contestants for elimination on a weekly basis. Viewers cast their votes in favor of the competitors they would want to rescue from elimination. Ten votes each day can be cast by each individual viewer. The contender with the fewest votes is eliminated. Contestants who disobey the rules or who leave the house for medical reasons are eliminated.



1. Eligibility criteria for Participants:
(a) Any natural person(s) who is between the age of 18 (eighteen) years and 64 (sixty four) years i.e 18 (eighteen) or above and 64 (sixty four) or below as of 24th August, 2022;
(b) conversant in spoken Tamil
(c) As per applicable laws in the Territory, Participant must also be a citizen and resident of India as per applicable laws;
(d) Such other criteria provided under these Terms & Conditions.

2. The Auditions are an integral part of the Program. The Auditions will be conducted on digital platform during the Audition Period at absolute discretion of the Company and/or Production House and the interested Contestant(s) shall register themselves in the manner provided below.

3. ASCPL/Production House is under no obligation to go for Auditions or shooting of the Program and is also under no obligation to inform prospective Participants about the same.

4. The Auditions will be conducted during the Auditions Period on Website (as defined below), which may be accessed by the interested Participant(s) through any device with access to the Internet, including but not limited to mobile phones. Participant(s) who voluntarily choose to enter the Auditions are required to register themselves as Participant in the Auditions by following the procedure set out in these Terms and Conditions.

5. The Company reserves the right to modify the Audition(s) mechanism and /or to cancel and/or postpone the Audition(s) and/Program at any point of time without any prior intimation to the Participant for any reasons whatsoever, including due to the prevailing covid19 pandemic scenario.

6. The Company shall promote the Auditions through on-air (promos, astons, bugs etc.), print, radio, online, official social media pages/handles of the Company or any other manner as the Company may deem fit, at its sole discretion, stating the mechanism through which the Contestant(s) can participate in the Auditions, wherein the Contestant(s) can get details of the Auditions, timings etc. As a part of the marketing strategy for promoting the Auditions and/or the Program on air, our radio partners may promote the Auditions and/or conduct various contests in respect of the Auditions/Program for the listeners across the Territory.

7. Procedure to register

(a) To register and to participate in the Auditions, the interested Contestant(s) shall:
i. have to login to (“Website”) at his/her sole discretion to register for the participation in the Auditions by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number. It is clarified that for the purpose of registering and participating in the Auditions it is mandatory that the valid Indian mobile number submitted by the Participant should be registered in his/her name only, failure to comply with this pre requisite will automatically cause such Participant’s registration / Entry to be invalid. Check Full terms here

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